Broken English offers something for everyone, from the ancient to the avant garde. We represent a wide variety of unique designers from all over the world. It is our goal to provide a showcase that is at the forefront of creativity, innovation and quality. Our designers are pioneers and trendsetters. Each piece of jewelry is a work of art. Jewelry is a language unto itself, symbolic of moments and milestones whose significance is impossible to put into words. This is the philosophy of broken english. We view each piece as much more than a beautiful object, whether it’s the literal meaning of an engagement ring, the rarity of an antique charm or the quality of the gemstone a jeweler chooses. Each one comes with a story, which then becomes part of the wearer’s history. Our retail location at the Brentwood Country Mart is elegantly eclectic with antique deco and modern cases illuminated by a 1950’s italian glass chandelier. Displays are creative and unstructured, providing a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. All anyone needs is to walk in the door or visit our website to appreciate the art and beauty of Broken English.

telephone: 310-458-2724

225 26th St #17
Santa Monica, CA 90402